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Oro Valley ElectriciansLandscape lighting around the perimeter of the house, the driveway or walkway to the front door is elegant and an excellent thief-deterrent. Burglars are drawn to properties that provide adequate coverage, such as those with non-lit yards. This is just one of the many reasons why adding custom landscape lighting is a good idea. Did we forget to note how much your property is going to stand out?


Landscape Lighting Installation & Repair

New-age, low-voltage lighting uses a minimal amount of electricity, which will keep your annual operating costs down. The fact that you could be eligible for a discount on your home insurance premiums (tied back to the safety factor), makes this project a sound investment. With a huge supply of different lighting options, your Oro Valley Electrician can help you choose LED or solar-powered lights in addition to ornamental poles. Low voltage wiring requires approximately one-tenth of the power as 120-volt lines, so it will barely make a dent on your monthly utility expenses.


How Does Accent & Security Lighting Work?

The main electrical component and the most expensive part of every landscape lighting project is what is called a step-down transformer. This device serves to step down the 120-volt power entering your home into a safe, 12-volt source. The transformer is typically mounted directly on the outside of your house with all individual lines running to it.


To minimize risks and keep your property looking great, Contact Oro Valley Electrician to install the low voltage wiring underground. The cable is hooked up to the lighting fixture housing. Most outdoor lights can be equipped with many different bulb types, which vary in brightness, beam width and color. Swapping these out is quick and easy.


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