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Have you suddenly lost power to an outlet or switch?

Green Valley ElectriciansThe electrical panel, a maze of breakers, bars and wires hidden behind a metal cover. Is the brain of your home? The console is always thinking, running the household smoothly, reacting to every switch flip, all while keeping you safe at the same time.


But just because the light bulb is on doesn’t mean the electrical panel is operating properly. Many factors, from the age of your home to the size of your home, can affect the panel’s performance, thus requiring professional improvements.


Troubleshooting Broken Breakers- Green Valley Electrician

If you have ever lived in a house, you have likely been witness to tripped breakers during a thunderstorm. The fuse box (i.e. control panel, breaker box, etc.) contains multiple breakers, and switching the tripped ones back on will normally restore power to the affected area. Sometimes the master switch needs to be toggled off and on to reset the full supply.


But what happens when your breakers begin tripping for no apparent reason or in greater frequency than they should? This is certainly a problem, and there are a number of reasons why it could be happening. First things first, do not panic. Never assume the worst, but do not rule out the possibility that the control panel itself could be faulty or in need of repairs, something best left to a Green Valley Electrician.


Some high energy load appliances need their own breaker to operate properly, such as washers, dryers, window air conditioners and tanning beds. If these devices are not powered by a dedicated electrical line and respective breaker, do not be surprised that the latter is constantly tripping. Due to the safety risks associated with performing these kinds of installations, you should always hire a licensed Green Valley Electrician to perform the job. Our Green Valley Electrician are all required to undergo extensive training and certification before they are allowed to work on-site.


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