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Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electrical Installations In All Six Boroughs: Tucson | Green Valley | Oro Valley | Marana | Sahuarita | Vail

Industrial Electrician


Sharp Electric is skilled and experienced in the industrial electrical work and understands the responsibility involved. We can design and install high efficiency electrical equipment that can substantially reduce operating costs while increasing reliability and life cycle of all of your electrical equipment.
Moreover, our specialty includes Standby Generators, Co-Generation, and CHP systems. Here are some examples of work we have done:
Building: Installation of three megawatt standby and CHP plant

Factory: Installation of ten 200 KW generators

Restaurant: Installation of one 2 MW generator

Factory: Installation of two 1 MW generators, two 250 HP motors, variable speed drives, and a complete control system

Apartment Complex: Installation of four 500 KW generators

Some of the services we provide are:


  • Co-Generation & CHP Systems
  • Motors and Motor Controls
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Voltage Improvement & Stability
  • Surge & Transient Suppression
  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Broadband Harmonics Mitigation
  • Specific Harmonics Mitigation
  • Intermittent Supply Failure Protection
  • Standby Generators
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Solar Panels
  • Three Phase Balancing
  • Releasing KVA Captivity
  • Brownout Protection
  • Phase Loss Synthesis


We look forward to quote your next industrial electrical project!


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