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Sharp Electric Guide

Have your outdoor outlets stopped working after a good rain or storm?

electricity tips

Elecrticity Tips for Home Owners and Businesses

Here is a step by step guide on how to go about troubleshooting and fixing the non-functional outdoor electric outlests yourself before contacting your local trusted electrician Sharp Electric.


Tip #1

Walk outside your home and locate your electrical panel. The panel is usually located on one of your garage outdoor walls. If it’s an older home it might be in your back yard. If you still can’t locate your panel box perhaps you only count with a sub-panel inside your home sometimes they are well hidden in closets, behind doors or even in pantries.


Tip #2

Check that all your circuit breaker lever’s are in the ON position. If you notice that one of the levers isn’t aligned with the rest and is in the middle position that specific circuit breaker has tripped. To reset a circuit breaker first turn the breaker to the off position and then back to the ON position until it matches the position of the other circuit breakers.. Click Here To Watch Video


Tip #3

If you did not find any circuit breakers in the tripped or off position I would still personally recommend you reset/cycle all the circuit breakers to the OFF position first then back to ON. (Sometimes circuit breakers trip internally but the lever remains in the ON position so resetting all of them will eliminate this possibility).


Tip #4

If the power to your outdoor outlets is still not ON, check if any of your outdoor outlets that does not have any power is a GFCI outlet and RESET it as needed. Click Here To Watch Video


Tip #5

Check that all GFCI outlets in your home are not tripped. To check if a GFCI outlet is tripped simply plug an appliance into it to see if the plug is getting any power. If the appliance does not turn on press the larger bottom that reads RESET on the GFCI outlet. Now check if the appliance works. The location of GFCI outlets throughout a home depend on when it was built and also on the local codes. Rooms where GFCI’s are required by code: Bathrooms, Kitchen, Garages, outdoor outlets should be GFCI protected, roofs, pool lighting should be GFCI protected as well. Keep in mind that it is possible you may find a random GFCI in a bedroom wall or in a hidden closet so I would do a complete sweep on the home before you move to the outside. Check all the GFCI outlets you locate for power by using the appliance method we covered above and also reset them all.


Tip #6

If you have found a GFCI outlet that refused to reset and trips right back when you press the reset bottom please contact your local Tucson Electrician Sharp Electric. The problem might be as simple as a worn out GFCI outlet, perhaps water might have gotten into one of the outdoor outlets and is shorting out the circuit as soon as you try to reset it. If that is the case usually waiting a few hours for the water to dry off/evaporate will fix the issue and the GFCI outlet will let you reset power to the outdoor outlets. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any further troubleshooting yourself please contact a professional. Find out for yourself why we are Tucson’s Trusted Electricians. Sharp Electric is here to answer and help solve all your electrical problems.


Tip #7

Check if by resetting any tripped GFCI outlets power has restored power to your outdoor outlets.


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